Mo’s House of Axe is proud to feature The Outpost by Max City BBQ. Drawing on the recipes from their beloved Eagle Rock location Max City has added new offerings at The Outpost along with the favorites that have made them one of the top BBQ restaurants in the region. Pitmaster Jason McDonald is serving up homemade slow cooked meats, comfort food and vegan options in the Outpost scratch kitchen. Yes, that ranch is homemade, and those chicken tenders are hand battered. Every sauce and that French fry spice are made specially for you by hand.

We also have a full bar, stocked with friendly and talented tenders. If you aren’t sure what you want to drink, they’ll help you decide without casting a judgmental glare. If you do know, they’ll nail it. The beer selection focuses on local brews with 12 beers on tap, and assorted other bottles and cans. We offer natural and biodynamic artisanal wines, unique seasonal cocktails and mocktails, hard Kombucha and Cider.