Where better to safely “target” that mischievous desire kids have to throw things than at MO’S HOUSE OF AXE, where our Axe Masters monitor all the action? We WANT you to break our targets. All our Axe Masters have the entertainment, on-the-spot technique-training, and people skills, to keep the offspring engaged with games, lore, and challenges. We’re proud to provide a comfortable, fun, and safe space for family festivities! We can plan anything from just axing, to food from our restaurant and even cake and candles. If your kids are over 21 they can drink. We can wangle special guests like one of the world’s best knife throwers, or a custom axe-carving artist. Let’s plan a party together!

We’ll take care of everything! So call 323.767.4992 from 10am to 6pm or email our events planner EVENTS@MOSHOUSEOFAXE.COM